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The German, family-owned business Herbstreith & Fox has been producing high-quality pectins for the food and non-food industries for over 85 years. H&F manufactures highly specialised pectins for a wide range of applications, made primarily from apples and citrus fruits.


As a long-established company, we are well-known in the industry for the outstanding quality of our products, not just in Germany, but also globally. Behind our success is a coordinated team of creative employees with extensive knowledge, a high level of commitment and years of experience.

PECTIN - a natural product with perfect functionality

Pectin is a natural component of the cell walls and middle lamella of all higher land plants. Pectin is suitable for all modern food concepts and supports the current trend for using natural products and ingredients.

As a universal gelling agent, thickener and stabiliser, pectin is an essential component of many different products. In the food industry, pectin is used in the production of jams, sweets, baked goods and dairy products. In the non-food sector, pectin has become noticeably more important in recent years, e.g. in the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries. H&F specialises in high-quality, application-based pectin varieties.

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